For retailers

■ Cash registers    ■ Self-service kiosks    ■ Loyalty services    ■ Integrated scales    ■ Integrated payment card terminals    ■ Handheld scanners for inventory and ordering

For restaurants

■ Cash registers    ■ Inter-accounting printers    ■ Kitchen displays    ■ Self-service kiosks    ■ Hand-held ordering system

Tech cloud

RESICO cloud-based sales management solution

■ Warehouse management    ■ Invoicing
■ Performance report    ■ Stock management



■ Business inteligence    ■ Reports


RESICO plugins

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Sales tools
sales tools

Cash register systems

Developed and certified in Latvia and many other countries, which means you can use it in other countries if your business grows up. A modern system that takes advantage of touchscreens and is designed to work with them.

Self-service checkouts systems

Ready-made integrations and plugins for the most popular e-commerce platforms - Shopify, WooCommerce and Mozello. API that will allow integration with other e-commerce platforms.


Self-service system for retailers and a modern ordering kiosk for restaurants and others requiring a modern self-service system.

RESICO Sales Management System


Special offers, invoices in advance, sales invoices, customers, loyalty services, communication, contracts all in one place for easy sales management.

Goods and warehouse management

Product catalogues, stock balances, promotions and discounts, sales data analysis and order recommendation generation based on previous sales and stock balances.

Service management system

Ask questions and get answers, in a modern service system, add pictures with a phone or other device.



Full-service sales solutions that will provide modern management and oversight of small business sales processes.

Cafés and restaurants

POS systems, ordering terminals, kitchen displays and printers. A wide range of solutions for smarter restaurant management.

Wholesale and warehouse

Management solutions for small and medium-sized wholesale businesses and warehouses that help optimise business management by integrating with large ERP systems.

RESICO - Benefit from the first day!

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Sales management program

Automatically tracks sales and provides smart decisions

A successful business is based on stable financial income. With our RESCO sales management software, you can track every sales activity and react with smarter strategic decisions.

5 day installation and set up

Replace the old and start with the new

Rent or purchase cash register systems

Fast 5-day installation


Replacing your current cash system with a new one or starting your business with an IBSC cash system rental is fast and cost-effective. We’ll install your trading solution in just 5 days.

Experts in the development of sales management solutions

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Quick and stable sales management solutions to increase your sales already from the first day

The IBSC team are experts in sales management solutions since 2010 with many years of experience in the development and implementation of sales management solutions.

By actively following the needs of the Latvian market, we provide it with the most capable cash register systems, sales management and sales analytics solutions. We help businesses become modern and competitive.

Customisable software

Remote access via smartphone or notebook to all sales and analysis data


Modern business management requires modern and flexible solutions. Therefore, following the development of the Latvian market, we have developed the RESICO sales management solution.


RESICO’s cloud solution helps you access your company’s sales processes, warehouse management, customer database and sales analytics from anywhere in the world. Our customers say that RESICO is good for business from day one.

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Built-in customer support solution

Remote access, 24/7 support and a personal specialist

Thanks to RESICO’s remote connectivity, we resolve customer issues quickly and save time waiting for an advisor to arrive in person.

We provide our clients with excellent service and adapt to their unique situation.


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