Interview with the company “Heinman Baltic” representative Laura

“If I had a businessman next to me who would ask: “Listen, you just opened stores and you must have a cash register system with a program – which one do you use?” I would definitely recommend IBSC.” The company “Heinman Baltic” has recently opened its first store in Latvia and we are happy to announce that we have started a joint cooperation.


November 1, 2022

1. Why were you looking for a new cash register system and warehouse accounting system?

It all started with the fact that we have a network of stores in Estonia, where we operated with a good program. Then we actively started working to open stores here in Latvia as well. We had not even thought that the Estonian program does not work here in Latvia. (For the time being, program only works in the Scandinavian countries and Estonia.) At that moment, we realized that we had to look for an alternative and something similar.

I didn’t have specific suggestions or feedback from anyone. Realizing that I need this POS system, I looked on the Internet to see what services are available in Latvia. I came across that there is one company that offers me a cash register system and then there is a programmer who will develop the program. After that, it all has to be put together. We already started working with the programmer, but it required time from my side – we need to discuss the nuances, we need to think about how to assemble everything, how it will all work. In my field, to be honest, there is no such time. Basically, I have somewhat more important things to do in my work day. I would have done all this if I hadn’t found your company.

2. How did you find out about the IBSC company?

Since I was not comfortable with the idea of ​​having to contact several specialists to put everything together, I accidentally found the IBSC company while searching on Google – I immediately called. In the first conversation, we already came to the point that we can meet tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, to discuss everything.

3. Why did you choose the RESICO cash register system?

I don’t say this to be overly flattering, but really, I had a simply fantastic experience because I came to a person who told his professional story in such an understandable language. In principle, at that moment I understood that this is what we need and is similar to what we already have in other countries. It all happened very, very quickly and efficiently.

4. How does the RESICO cash register system and warehouse accounting system facilitate the work of your company?

At the moment, I’m in the getting-to-know-you phase, but for girls, when working in a store, the checkout system is very basic and everything is very understandable – all the reports, the way products are searched.

The first thing I had to do was enter all the products, I didn’t face any problems. I will also investigate how to deal with reports, balances, inventory, what my accountant wants to see. For now, registering purchases and realizations is easy and everything works.

5. Which of the RESICO system functions do you value the most?

In order to make new product purchases, the most important thing for me is to see the inventory to understand what has been bought the most and how much of a product is left. This is what I go in to look at every day and use the most.

The second after that is the accounting of purchases, so that I can pass the data to my accountant, so that everything is in one place. This is also very important to me, and it also makes her work much easier. By downloading the excel file, I can basically transfer all the data to her. Next, the accountant can back up everything in her program instead of typing manually.

6. Would you recommend other entrepreneurs to choose RESICO system? Why?

I would definitely be the one to recommend, my initially bitter experience may also be a factor. After that, IBSC company made my job very easy.

If I had a businessman by my side who would ask: “Listen, you just opened a chain of stores and you must have a cash register system with a program – which one do you use?” I would definitely recommend IBSC. For the sole reason that you, as a service recipient, are told that you don’t have to worry about anything. Starting from the cash register system, equipment, program, certificates, terminal registrations – everything is given to you, and everything was arranged even with the bank. I didn’t do anything more than coordinating the times for the meeting.

Of course, we have to see what will happen when we open more stores, how it will all work.

7. How do you rate communication with IBSC employees?

Right away we had a very good contact, there were no problems with it. There were some nuances when not everything went so well from my side, which should have been done. These were small things, but still it took time and the involvement of a IBSC workers – our communication was very easy.

Also, we opened on a Sunday when something happened a bit with the checkout terminal, but out-of-hours they still served us and the problem was fixed within 2-3 hours.

In situations where I need help it is provided in the near future, if not the same day.

8. Are there any suggestions for improving the RESICO system?

I will probably be able to answer this after some time when we have opened several stores. (We had such a situation in Estonia, where we wanted something to be improved and added to our program, but it was more about accounting.)

For now, everything seems very understandable and basic to me for one store, but I accept the idea that I will have to face something during my work and there will be something that I would like to add to the system. I’ve had a super good experience so far!

9. How do you rate the possibility of connecting warehouse accounting with the online store?

At the moment, we have not launched the online store, but we are at a low start, so I don’t know yet how it will all turn out.

The very possibility of connecting warehouse accounting with the online store is great, because we have an excise warehouse, first of all, in Estonia, which complicates communication a bit, because they have a single system. We will definitely have to think about it too, but the inventory of this online store will definitely be necessary to forecast purchases in time.

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