6 Most common mistakes made when purchasing a cash register system

Today, the POS system is an integral part of shops, cafes, restaurants—or any retail business. However, to ensure the maximum efficiency of POS – cash register systems, it is crucial to find the right solution for your company. This decision will impact operations of the company for many years to come. We have compiled the […]

Shortage of employees, self-service kiosks: A modern solution in the fast food industry

Self-service kiosks are hardly a novel concept. Even before the pandemic, numerous major fast-food chains had already incorporated self-service kiosks into their operations, and they swiftly proved to be a resounding success. According to statistics from McDonald’s (to familiarize yourself with the study, follow the link here), restaurants that introduced these kiosks experienced an average […]

Recommendations for Restaurants During the Quiet Season

The low season can often pose a significant survival challenge for restaurants. However, not all representatives of the catering industry suffer during this period. With the right tools and strategies, the quiet season can also benefit your catering business! In this article, we have gathered valuable suggestions that can improve your business and attract customers […]

What is the best recipe for improving your catering business?

If you are a catering business owner and have been looking for ways to improve your business and speed up customer service, you’ve come to the right place! As you already know, digital transformation is an inevitable step in all business sectors. This future path is also being actively shaped by the catering industry, which […]

Modern solution for old habits – Electronic cash register system!

Entrepreneurs in many places in Latvia are used to working with traditional cash registers, which require countless bookkeeping operations. This not only slows down customer service but also burdens employees in shops, restaurants or cafes. Are you wondering how you, as an entrepreneur, can improve the customer experience and streamline your company’s operations? The answer […]

Why we are good business partners?

The main mission of our company is to help retail companies work better, more modern, and more efficiently, while building successful long-term cooperation and human relations with our customers. But our attitude towards business is not only related to results and technical aspects. We believe that human relations with our customers are essential to create […]

Great news for entrepreneurs in Latvia!

If you have been wanting to digitize and modernize your company’s processes, now is the perfect time to take action! Latvian entrepreneurs can now receive financial support for new digital products and services. The goal of this program is to promote the digitization of commercial activities, enhance business productivity, and contribute to Latvia’s competitiveness in […]

Advantages of electronic receipts: Why get rid of printed receipts?

Technology is developing every single month, so are the companies that try to keep up with the time. More and more entrepreneurs choose to implement electronic checks in their companies. But what are electronic receipts? Electronic receipts, or checks, are digital versions of traditional paper checks. In this article, you will have the opportunity to […]

Self-service kiosks – the key to fast customer service

For several years now, the field of retail technology has divided history into “pre-pandemic” and “post-pandemic” periods. This time has brought rapid changes in the interaction of buyers with companies – shopping in grocery stores, pharmacies, large department stores and other points of sales. Distancing habits still hold their place in today’s society. That is […]

Our product – RESICO

When and why RESICO was created?Why do entrepreneurs choose it and how can this solution facilitate, streamline and develop the company’s operations?
You will find all the answers in this article!


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